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to no__sunshine

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Dec. 28th, 2005 | 02:05 pm
posted by: wishpaper in dbsgcomm_ss

To: no__sunshine
From: pho7be

Medium: Fic
Rating: PG-13

His singing echoes.

Changmin opened his eyes and closed his mouth. There was something simple about this, about fingers wrapped around the microphone, easy grip, hard grip, breath is soft and he gasps inside.

There was something about his lover, something simple about just lying down, easy and soft breathing. Let it happen, you want to please. He says please, you say yes, you want to please.

His screaming echoes.

Yunho asks for it, pleads for it, gasps for it. That’s the way it always is, just say yes because you know those eyes can make you fall anyway.

Christmas is fast, and you want something more.

Changmin had never been so high on this before. He was turned dark at the white snow, twisted at the smell of mistletoe. Christmas has a different meaning when you have a lover.

Yunho was the type of Christmas moderation. Too many Decembers with grandmothers, fathers, mothers, and now he was used to, well, "toning it down."

Come Christmas Eve, Changmin wanted more.

"Yunho, did you like my present?" Changmin asked, wine in his hand, because today was an exception.

Yunho’s toothpaste commercial smile glowed on his face in platonic love. "Yes! How did you know that I wanted that?"

Changmin had that glint in his eye. Yunho had never seen it, and cocked his head in curiosity.

"You said a while ago that you wanted one." Changmin let his fingers touch the wine glass lightly. "I listen when you say what you want."

Yunho let that smile shine through for a moment. Something about it, something about Changmin's voice was unfamiliar.

Jaejoong was out doing something, while Yoochun and Junsu had gone together elsewhere. "Where did everyone go?"

Changmin had that look again. "I don’t know."

Yunho sighed, not getting the hint. "Lonely Christmas, then."

Changmin shook his head and moved a hand towards Yunho's jaw line. "Not lonely."

Yunho moved his head away. "Not today, Changmin." He darted a quick glance to Changmin's face, a face with a look he didn’t recognize. What’s with him today? The dominant one was at a loss for the sudden advances of his submissive partner.

Changmin was more than a little frustrated at his own failure to come onto Yunho. Not to mention a bit angry. He moved his hand up Yunho’s shirt. "Why not now?"

Yunho stared up at Changmin's face, hovering inches beside his own, the warm breaths brushing his cheeks. "Because... I don’t want to."

Changmin scowled in anger. He backed away and sat back down beside Yunho's unresponsive body. "And why does it have to be about you?"

"I don’t ever come onto you without your consent!"

"When have you ever asked my consent?"

Yunho started. "I... but you never said no!"

"What am I supposed to say to you?"

"But don’t you like it?"

"Of course I do! But that’s who I am! I love you, and if you want something from me, I’ll give it to you. Why can’t you just give me what I want?"

Yunho stared at Changmin with shocked eyes. "Then... are you saying I don’t love you?"

Changmin scoffed. "I’m saying, you don’t want to fuck me when I want to fuck you."

Yunho leaned back. He was at a desperate loss for words. This was so unlike Changmin... and for some reason, he was interested at the new spontaneity of today.

"Does that mean... you want me right now?"

Changmin moved fast onto Yunho’s lap and, holding on to Yunho’s hips with a passionate grip, laid his lips hard upon Yunho’s own. He parted slowly and, with half-lidded eyes, looked all over Yunho. "Yes," he managed.

Yunho let himself fall into Changmin’s mistletoe mouth, tongue bittersweet from the red wine, breaths hard from the quickness of it all. The storm increased outside, and Changmin’s hands moved fast.

The moon watched the two furiously passionate figures shake and tremble on the couch.

Christmas was different when you had a lover.

Medium: Art

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★ ☆ ★

(no subject)

from: windup_bird
date: Dec. 30th, 2005 11:53 pm (UTC)

thaaaaank you to Santa :3

Min finally told Yunho who's boss D: ♥

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